First Time Car Buyers Program at Malone Ford

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Don't worry! Even if you've never bought a car before, our first-time buyer program is perfect for you. You can finally have your own brand new Ford vehicle.

Buying a car is a big financial decision, but our exciting program makes it super easy for first-time buyers to get a New or Pre-Owned Ford! We've created a special program just for people like you, so we can answer all your questions. Buying a new or used car in NY is actually not as stressful as you might think. Our main goal is to help you get into a vehicle with the right car loan that suits you perfectly.


At Malone Ford, we understand that younger drivers can have difficulty making a large down payment or large monthly payments. With our first time buyers program, we offer a lower down payment, lower monthly payments, and low interest rates.

Hey, have you heard about the new First Time Buyer Program? It's really cool because it offers special incentives to younger drivers who are employed full-time or are attending high school, college, grad school, or recently graduated. And you know what? It makes the whole car buying experience so much easier and less intimidating. One of the incentives they offer is a $500 down payment match for first time buyers.

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Make A List Of Your Wants & Needs

  • How many people do I need to fit into my future car?
  • Do I need to tow anything around?
  • Which safety features are a "must have" for me?
  • What fuel economy or MPG do I need?
  • How much will my auto insurance cost me?
  • What type of transmission do you like?
  • Do you want cloth or leather?
  • What other luxury features does my car need?

Figure Out Monthly Cost

Discover what your ideal monthly payment should be by using our PAYMENT CALCULATOR

Figure Out Your Financing

Once you land on the perfect vehicle for you we make it easy for you to figure our exactly how much money you can finance just how much you can afford by filling out our quick FINANCE APPLICATION